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A trip to the Bulls Bay area would not be complete without indulging what the region is known for: local seafood! Whether you are looking for clams, oysters, shrimp, or fish, there’s something freshly caught for everyone. Shrimping is McClellanville’s major industry, and the shrimp boats you see docked along the waterways aren’t just for show. Brown shrimp are harvested May through August, while white shrimp are harvested September through December. And of course, the world famous Bulls Bay oysters can be purchased at the markets listed below. Come see why seafood has shaped the culture of this region for hundreds of years.

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Bulls Bay Oyster Roasts
High quality and locally made traditional wood fire oysters catered at your home or party! They also make the famous fire roast cooker that is for sale as well. Buy the cooker or get your party catered, drawing from a family heritage in the Lowcountry that dates back for over 300 years.
McClellanville, SC 29458
Carolina Seafood
Carolina Seafood Market is a year-round stop for commercial fishermen, making it one of the freshest places to buy your local seafood including fish, oysters, crabs, clams, and more, right off the docks!
22 Oak Street, McClellanville SC 29458
Livingston’s Bulls Bay Seafood
Livingston's has 13 boats catching shrimp to sell wholesale, and they also offer farm-raised clams, oysters, and soft-shell crabs in the spring. You can find their seafood at Mount Pleasant's Whole Foods Market, or purchase daily at their store in McClellanville.
631 Morrison Street, McClellanville, SC 29458
McClellanville Land & Sea Market
A weekly Farmers Market every Saturday highlighting local farmers, seamen, makers and more.
1369 N Pinckney Street

Bulls Bay OystersBulls Bay Shrimp

Oyster photo courtesy of Coastal Caterers