Danhoff Excavating Services

Danhoff Excavating Services
Danhoff Excavating Services

Danhoff Excavating Services, Inc., offers a number of land-clearing alternatives.  We offer mulching, stump grinding, front-mounted bush hogging, stump removal, and brush removal.  Our equipment is low-ground impact, and is more environmentally friendly than more conventional methods.  Brush, undergrowth, and stumps can be mulched, leaving a layer of nutrient-rich mulch on the ground.  

Our company specializes in all types of land clearing and brush removal.  We do jobs in a variety of different sizes, and work within 100 miles of McClellanville, South Carolina.  We would be excited to have the opportunity to talk with you about your land-clearing needs.
Call for free estimates!  Licensed and Insured.

If it needs to be hauled, pushed, lifted, graded, mowed, mulched, dug, filled, cleared, trenched, or tilled—we can do it.

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