Awendaw Regional Outreach Center

Awendaw Regional Outreach Center
Awendaw Regional Outreach Center

A 501 (c)(3) organization committed to providing an excellent alternative education, in partnership with families and the community so that each and every student is prepared for lifelong learning, independent thinking, and responsible citizenship.

Financial Literacy Classes

First Time Homebuyers classes
Urgent Care Repairs
Monthly Budget  Classes

Literacy Classes:

GED Preparation Classes
Academic Original Credit  Classes
Academic Credit Recovery Classes
AROC Reading Essentials
AROC Math Essentials

Job Readiness:

Building fundamental work skills.
Building pathways to a employablity.
Preparing for the workforce.

Post Secondary Opportunities:

Providing on-the-job work experience
Removing barriers to success for underserved student.

High School Graduation and Post-Secondary Accress:

Removing barriers to post-secondary access for underserved students.
Developing Career leadership and Skills Opportunties.
Mentoring or coaching Opportunities.

Awendaw, SC 29429